TTC200 Program & Facilities


  • One Yoga Business Coach Class with tips for setting up a yoga studio, yoga classes, etc
  • One day Art Meditation workshop
  • We are really unique and you can get real teaching life experience during the TTC! All students have the facility of effective assisted teaching with Studio PURNA Yoga classes and accumulate experience as yoga instructors while they are still students!
  • The best graduated students will be selected for becoming part of PURNA Yoga Academy Team in the near future
  • We have the best rate of assisted TTC hours you can get: 192 hours out of 200 of TTC! Count on our live and effective support during your life mastering as a yoga instructor!

We are currently accepting applications for our 200 hours TTC program. Please fill out the application and send it via email and a psychiatric certificate to be considered, BEFORE payment and wait for approval (maximum 24 hours).  Special, mandatory and prerequisite request for approving process is providing a psychiatric certification demonstrating the applicant is in a healthy state of mind, without mental illness. In case of any mental illness such as paranoia, schizophrenia or other mental diseases, Yoga practice is totally interdicted.

PURNA Yoga Academy is a registered member of Yoga Alliance International USA and our certificates are extended under this authority.